The Anti-Christ: Prophecy or Google Lackey?

The Anti-Christ: Prophecy or Google Lackey?

Sep 27
The Anti-Christ: Prophecy or Google Lackey?

So I pop onto WordPress today and realize that I have been so busy with work that I haven’t had time to blog my thoughts.  As I add content, it has been pretty interesting to see what google ads have been placed in the sponsor box on my home page.  Today’s edition really baffled me.  There’s a book about the Anti-Christ in my Google Ads!  Evidently my website here is being sponsored by a book about the Anti-Christ. Web spiders have crawled into the cobwebs of my inner psyche and found evil lurking in my posts about Idle Hands, Comicon, Poetry and Sailing excursions.  So am I evil or does Google want me to think I am evil? Hmmm, I didn’t see anything about the dark lord in this web crawler architecture image.  Perhaps the developer forgot to mention him.

With all the recent buzz about cloud technology, maybe instead we should all start referring to it as purgatory technology.  Up is down, down is up.  Perhaps Google wants us to think we are evil, so that they seem less evil by comparison.

Take this article here: Is Google Evil?

Will our endless blogging, searching, posting, twittering, myspacing and facebooking be the end of the free world and lead us to the end of the human race?  Our constant searching in the browser is no longer open ended but craftily lead down the primrose path of directed discovery.  It was bound to happen.  After all, advertisers will do anything.  Everyone has heard that subliminal messaging started in the movie theater popcorn ads.  Although a quick search on Google and a peruse through Snopes tells me this whole story is a farce.

See article here: Subliminal Advertising

Is that true or is that just what they want me to believe?

All I have to say is that Beezlebub is going to have beef up his databases a little to truly understand what’s going on in our heads and once he finds out I guess he’ll be better informed about what ad to put on my page.  Little did we know that Robert Frost was wrong, the world will not end in Fire or Ice.  Cookies will be the end of mankind.

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