New Photo Gallery

New Photo Gallery

Feb 14
New Photo Gallery

So I have finally gotten around to integrating Gallery2 into my blog. It’s a cool little open source application for sharing photos. This new tool gives me a lot of options to share my photographs and such with family and friends.  To get to the photo album you can do one of the following:

1. Click the photos tab on the top navigation menu.
2. Click on any photo I have included in a photo post.
3. Click on the photo of the week or random photo that shows in the top right of the website.

Also, once you visit the gallery, there is a link in the top right hand corner to come directly back to I think that this will be much easier for everyone to better enjoy the blog and photos all in one place and also allows me to post a view of some of the things I’m talking about in my posts. In just two short weeks we will have a new puppy at home, so I plan on posting lots of new photos for everyone to see.

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