Going Kindle

Going Kindle

Apr 12
Going Kindle

As many of you all know, I am an avid reader.  As such, I am extremely emotionally attached to my books.  They represent periods of my life, meetings with favorite authors, lazy reads on vacation, times of trouble, in essence… they are old friends.  So what on earth has possessed me to go wireless with my reading habits?  To be honest, I’m running out of room.  There are piles of books all over the apartment, I’ve had periods where books have been cleared out but they keep creeping back in.  I was doing the library thing for a while but it left me wanting.  It wasn’t enough to borrow the book, I wanted to keep it.  If I take my reading wireless, I can carry up to 1500 books in my purse.  Hooray!

So now I can always have Poe, Dickens, Szymborska, Twain and all my other friends with me wherever I go.  I’ve also noted that a lot of the classics are available for free.  The second order of business after making the decison to go Kindle 2 was to get a pleasing cover.  You see, you can partially judge a book by it’s cover, since the feel in your hand is important too.  Why do you think I have so many nice musty leather bound classics sitting on my shelves just waiting to be held?  I wonder if you can buy old book smell to spray on the Kindle?  I may just work on that.  Well it won’t be quite the same but I did find this lovely batik cover for my new friend.

This cover by bobarra had my name all over it.  The inside looked similar to the inside of a nice volume and outside is hippy chic.  I can’t wait to see all this reading fun once it arrives.  I’ll be sure to post an update as to how I like the Kindle 2 and the case next week when they arrive.

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