Comic-Con 2010

Comic-Con 2010

Jul 26
Comic-Con 2010

Another year and yet another Comic-Con fades off into the sunset and boy was it a blast.  I’ve seen so many things the last four days, it’s hard to pinpoint a true highlight, so I’ll do my best to describe the sights and sounds.  First off, the picture above is my absolute favorite photo I took this year.  Where else could I see two people dressed up in all their Legend of Zelda finery on the set of the upcoming Walking Dead television series?  Speaking of The Walking Dead, if you haven’t read Robert Kirkman’s comic series, I suggest you get started right now.  You can pick up the first 12 issues in a nice hardback at Things from Another World.  His panel was a riot.  I think the man should probably consider a career in stand up comedy if this comic book thing doesn’t work out for him.

My favorite story from the convention came from the Penn & Teller panel.  I was completely unaware that they were ever involved with a video game but they were.  Back in the time frame the game was created, Janet Reno and Hillary Clinton were speaking out against violence in video games.  Penn & Teller decided that in response they would create a non-violent and totally realistic game called Desert Bus.  The player is tasked with driving a bus from Tuscon, AZ to Las Vegas in real time. Note this requires 8 hours of boring desert driving with no pause available for the game.  When you complete the trip you get 1 point.  Haha!  If you would all like to bask in it’s glory, you can pick up the free version of the game here.  Be forewarned, it’s really just as painful as it sounds.

Other things I learned this year at Comic Con:

1.  The Alien movies are coming out on Blue Ray hooray! (I’m a ridiculous Aliens Fan.)

2. Wil Wheaton from Star Trek is a very nice guy.

3. Danny Elfman is super humble and very witty.

4. Some people shouldn’t wear super hero costumes.  Seriously… they just shouldn’t.  I’ll save you the details.

5. Never ever stand in line for the True Blood panel again.  (We were in line for around 3 hours for this panel. Thankfully the goody bag they passed out was awesome!)

We had a fabulous time and already have our tickets for next year!

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