Comic Con 2008 Video II

Comic Con 2008 Video II

Jul 25

Well here is the rest of our adventures at Comicon. Some of the highlights included meeting Orson Scott Card and Jim Butcher. I now have a signed copy of Enders Game. Yay! We also now have a signed copy of Grand Theft Auto IV by none other than the voice of Niko Bellic. It’s funny, because I took Jason down to that place kicking and screaming and after it was over, he said he had an absolute blast. We’ve already pre-registered for next year, so for any of you all planning on traveling out to join us next year, buy tickets early. They had absolutely zero tickets at the beginning of the event and over 125,000 people attended. I’m already looking forward to it. Keep your eyes open for photos soon to come in the photo gallery.

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